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The Benefits of a Solar Battery: Introducing our SunPower Equinox Storage System

What is a SunPower Battery?

Solar technology has changed and improved so much over time. Every year, forward-thinking companies release new innovations to help consumers use power in a cost-effective and eco-conscious way. We’ve noticed a trend lately towards power storage in the form of solar batteries. Luckily, SunPower released its Equinox Storage system in January 2020 to help meet this demand.

So what exactly is a SunPower battery? Exactly that - a battery that stores energy from the sun, so that you and your family can use energy at all times, including during times of a power outage. If your home has solar panels, we highly recommend adding a backup battery to your setup so that you can keep and use more of the energy your panels produce.

SunPower Equinox Storage

SunPower Equinox Storage

SunPower Equinox Storage is the only home solar and storage system that is designed, installed, and warrantied all by the same one company. It provides tremendously efficient energy backup at all times so that you and your family can be stress-free and manage your home's energy the exact what that you want to. Adding energy storage to provide energy for your home during a power outage has never been easier.

SunPower Equinox storage is also made in a way that takes up less space while generating more power.

So, what are some other reasons that the SunPower battery is getting so popular, and what are the benefits that the SunPower battery has to offer? We’ll explain.

Benefits of SunPower Battery

The SunPower battery offers users a number of great benefits. Most importantly, the SunPower battery offers you and your family a sense of security, so that you know your home is always backed up with energy at times when you need it the most. Below we list and discuss a few of the most important benefits that come with the SunPower Equinox Storage System!

1. Peace of Mind

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Peace of mind can be hard to come by these days. We consistently meet homeowners interested in weening off their reliance on the grid for energy.

Especially in California, the past few fire seasons have shown how fragile our power grid can be. Scheduled outages are becoming more and more common because utility companies have failed to take the necessary precautionary measures to mitigate fire risk.

A solar battery can abate those fears. Why? A battery essentially acts as a back-up generator as long as it has enough accumulated storage. While this isn’t an ideal solution for those who rely on back-up power for essential medical equipment, it can certainly keep the lights, refrigerator, and Internet going during these routine outages.

2. Load Shifting

Utilities have been shifting how they are charging consumers for their power. Times of peak usage are charged at a higher rate. This tends to correspond to times when the sun is down and homeowners with solar panels have to rely on the grid for power.

A storage system can offset this by storing electricity during times where usage is low and using that during the periods of high cost as determined by your utility company.

Whatever your motivations for solar battery installation, the exciting technology is improving every year and is sure to become a more common sight as time goes by.

3. More Control

The SunPower battery offers you and your family more control over your energy system. If you are looking for energy security during times of power outages, or you are looking for independence from the grid in order to boost your savings, the SunPower battery offers it all to you. In essence, you are in complete control of your electricity usage.

4. Sleek Design

Another great benefit that comes with the SunPower battery is its sleek design. This device is designed using state-of-the-art technology. It comes in a white minimalist box that is mounted on a wall in your home - typically in your garage. If you are looking for energy efficiency and a modern look to your solar power system, the SunPower battery is for you. Stay up to date in the world of solar with the SunPower Equinox Storage System today! Please contact us to learn more about how we can make your home a more secure and comfortable place for you today!

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