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The owners of JP Electric and Solar have lived and worked their entire lives around agriculture and understand the unique needs of farmers and dairymen. We know the importance of sustainable energy for multigenerational businesses, and the need for healthy returns. JP Electric & Solar has several zero down finance options allowing you to install a solar system based on your financial goals. With Tax Incentives and MARC Depreciation the return on investment is very good for agriculture.


Highest ROI

Utilize your land for more than just crop. We are lucky to be located in California, where the sun hits at the best angles for solar production. Power your pumps, lights and other energy hungry tools from the sun and keep your money away from the energy companies and invested back into your farm.

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Custom Solutions

Before any pencil hits the design desk, we will visit your site and determine what energy needs you demand. From there, we will determine whether a Shade Structure, Fixed Tilt, or even a Dual-Axis Tracker is right for your project. No job is too difficult!

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Industry Leading Performance

JP Electric & Solar has teamed up with SunPower to provide the best panels at the best price. SunPower provides high-tech solutions on the large scale. Their state-of-the-art Helix System shortens installs and minimizes downtime. Click below to learn more.

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Most of our customers choose the highest quality SunPower Solar Panels with 25-year warranty. Click here to learn why.

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Know somebody interested in going solar? Take advantage of our referral program and earn money while they save money!

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